Business Growth and Expansion

Driving you in the financial direction you deserve

Why choose us

We partner with our clients to develop programs that will support all aspects of organisational transformation. From strategy and design through to implementation, we can support at all levels of transformation.

Do you own a business in which you are working just for a wage?
Do you have visions of retiring comfortably from your business, but it seems unachievable?
Do you have an Exit Strategy?

With Advantage Accountants we can offer the SOLUTION….
It takes a lot of time, effort and money in making a business successful.
If you don’t have the plan in place, as they say” if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

What Advantage Business Transformation can do for you…

We work with your dream, your vision.We strategise, and plan the future of the Business.Our Business Strategies offers one on one mentoring, setting budgets, financial control and management and setting KPI’s for yourself and the business.

Tax & Accounting 

Cash Flows and Budgeting
Cash flows are an integral part of any business.  At Advantage Accountants we can assist you in the preparation of cash flow forecasts.
Cash flow forecasts identify your projected income and expenditure over a period, which enables you to plan the operations of any business.
In preparing your business from the start, you can set budgets and targets to adhere to.
These can then be compared to the actual figures being performed and improvements and strategies can be made to optimise the growth and potential of your business.

The three most important keys to success are
Planning and Goal Setting
Analysis and Reporting of Actuals vs Budget
Plan to Action and recognising the need for continuous improvement

Through our many years of experience over the years, we have assisted new businesses to achieve success, and have continued to work and develop strategies to remain competitive within their respective industries. 

Training and Coaching

Within our Business Transformation division we are able to also offer our clients one on one mentoring with your business.
At Advantage we understand the importance of a business, and how a professional can offer you the support needed to guide you on that pathway to success.
Our friendly selected business advisor can work with you on our Business Transformation Program We meet with you, our clients on a weekly or monthly basis, and your business coach can be an excellent way of receiving results and obtaining the guidance you need.





Financial Control

Does your business feel like things are just getting out of control?
There are bills to pay, taxes and cash flow is poor.Greater management is needed, and it’s time to let the professionals offer the assistance you need.At Advantage Accountants we can take over your full financial control of the business.  We can assist you with debt reduction, refinancing and ATO matters. We will review your business analyse KPI indicators, Creditors, Debtor Management , profits and make recommendations to ensure that your business is again on the right track.Our clients have achieved great success using our services. Let us take over the Financial Control, get you back on track, and you focus on the growth and sales.